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Welcome to the coolest internship this side of the Triangle!  At Mason Dixon Designs, we are currently looking for an energetic, fun and hard-working intern to help us with all things fabulous!  What does that entail you may ask?  Funny you should ask....

The Mason Dixon Design internship is designed for the off-beat intern wanting to learn and have a true understanding of the wedding industry, and not just an understanding of our copy machine.  If you're looking for an easy internship shadowing a boss in an office a couple of days a week, this is probably not for you!  If you're looking for a challenging, project-oriented internship with hands-on experience while wearing yoga pants, then this certainly may be your jam.


What you'll get from us

Internship Basics

The Time

  • One School Year Internship - August 2018 - May 2019
  • Three Day a Week Commitment
  • Two Weekdays, One Weekend Day
  • Shifts Range Between 2-6 Hours Depending
  • Willing to Work Around Class Schedules or Work Schedules if Discussed in Advance

The Pay

  • This is, Drumroll Please......Another Unpaid Internship!
  • Priority Will be Given to Students That Can Use This Internship in Exchange for Course Credit or Those Starting In The Industry That are Seeking the Opportunity to Build Their Portfolio and Vendor Relations
  • Bonuses Given in Coffee & Hugs

The Work

  • One Office Day - Organize/Order Supplies, Answer Leads, Correspond with Clients, Drop-Off/Pick-Up Materials, Check Names/Order Details When Complete
  • One Track Day - Choose One Track Below to Focus on During Your Internship
  • One Event Day - This is a Weekend Day Spent Doing Deliveries, Meeting Vendors and Usually Celebrating with Wine....


what we need from you

Internship Requirements


  • Must Be Well Organized, Attentive and Hard-Working
  • Must Be a Self-Starter Always Looking One Step Ahead
  • Must Keep to Schedule and Willing to Work Weekends - This is a Non-Negotiable!  If We Work Around Your Schedule, You Should Be Able to Show Up for Our Schedule
  • Must Have Valid Driver's License and Car, Will Regularly Need to Go to Travel Within the Triangle
  • Must Have Basic Understanding of Google Products (Drive, Sheets, Docs), Dropbox and Word/Mac Programs
  • Must Have Basic Understanding of Social Media Platforms (Facebook/Instagram)
  • Must Be Able to Communicate Clearly and Articulately to Clients and Vendors
  • Must Be Able to Carry 50+ Lbs.

Extra Gold Stars

  • Restaurant Experience, Because the Best People are Restaurant People
  • Wedding Industry Experience
  • Familiarity with Adobe Suite
  • Great Grammar
  • Course Credit for Internship
  • Overachiever who Goes Above and Beyond
  • Style/Design/Fashion Background
  • Communication Majors 
  • Digs Coffee


The Tracks

We believe that everyone works harder, stronger and smarter when they get to do what they love!  While every day will not be focused on just working on what you love, we feel that we can certainly dedicate one day a week to making sure you do!  Our internship program is set-up to ensure that you feel like you're leaving with as much value as we felt by having you on-board!

Since we have a variety of products and services available to our clients we offer three different tracks of specialization for your internship.  The final project for this internship is a product styled shoot where you will be responsible for organizing the shoot or contributing materials being photographed, depending on your track.


Event/Office Management Track

  • Learn General Event Flow - Work Through Timelines and Floor Plans and How Day-Of Details Relate
  • Focus on Office Management Tasks - Calendar Maintenance, Project Scheduling, Supply Inventory
  • Learn to Answer Leads, Collect Payment and Correspond with Clients About Their Needs
  • Work with Local Creatives on Collaborating for Events
  • Maintain Website and Learn Basic Squarespace Techniques
  • Assist with Blogging and Social Media


Art Track

  • Learn Wide Range of Art Techniques - Pointed Pen Calligraphy, Brush Calligraphy, Watercolor Basics, Cricut Work, Wood Work, Painting
  • Prep Seating Charts and Signage - Sanding, Painting, Layouts and Grids
  • Double-Check Outgoing Projects
  • Prep Envelopes with Specialty Detail Needs
  • Project Assembly


Design Track

  • Improve Adobe Suite Skills
  • Prep Files for Print Using Adobe Suite
  • Assist with Designing Collateral for MD (Pricing Sheets, Bridal Show One Sheets, Etc.)
  • Editing Pieces for Final Designs




If you think you'd like to join our team - and surround yourself with all of our shenanigans! - click that cute button below or email us at to submit your resume today!  We will be accepting resumes until August 31st, with the internship period beginning September 1.